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SC MONTICOR INDUSTRIES SA PLOIESTI has its own production base that includes:
Workshops and facilities
1.    Workshop for pipe fabrication and préfabrication fitted with: manipulators, machine-tools, welders and thermal treatment facilities, cold bending facilities.
2.    Workshops for steel structures fabrication fitted with: cutting machines, boring mills, automatic and semi-automatic welders pressing machines, roll mills.
3.    Specialized workshops for the thermal treatment of the weld
4.    Sandblasting workshops for piping and steel structures.
5.    Workshops for special mechanical machining (turning machines, milling cutters, planning machines, etc.).
6.    Platforms for product pre-assembling (tanks, vessels, etc.).
7.    Facilities for bending the tubes at high temperatures (in ovens and by bending).

•    Laboratories for NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING
•    Welding laboratory.

•    Mechanizing section including a workshop for the reparation of our own auto vehicles, cranes, tractors, trailers, transport vehicles, cars.
•    Supply department and storage areas - Administrative department.